Chriss Jobe

PE – Director of Construction Inspection, Principal

After graduating from Rose Hulman Institute of Technology, Chriss spent the early part of his career working for INDOT overseeing the construction of transportation projects, including the construction of the new terrain I-69 corridor from Evansville to Bloomington which at that time, was the largest contiguous transportation projects in the nation. As the director of RQAW’s Construction Inspection team, Chriss brings a positive and focused attitude to the group that he leads from his offices in Vincennes and Indianapolis. Chriss prioritizes each of our client’s needs, and he enjoys delivering each project through to the final phase of its completion when the general public realizes its value. Chriss spends his free time with his wife and their four children, and he stays active by coaching basketball and softball.

I’m inspired by so many of our projects which create positive impacts on so many people’s lives.