Pittsboro Drinking Water System Improvements, Pittsboro, Indiana

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RQAW is actively managing a project to evaluate the entirety of Pittsboro’s distribution system. The project began as the development of a water model of the distribution system, using Water CAD, to map the entire system, (which included 23 miles of water distribution main), and identify project deficiencies. This led to the Phase 1 project that includes two separate 18-inch water main extensions totaling approximately 5,000 lf of pipe. Phase 2 of the project will be a new 1.0 MGD groundwater treatment plant to serve the town’s current and future needs. It will also include well fields, transmission mains from the well fields to the treatment plant, and an 18-inch water main to the tie-in point of the distribution system. The project is being funded by the Indiana Drinking Water State Revolving Fund.


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April 7, 2018