Grand Park – The Sports Campus at Westfield


RQAW was charged with helping the City develop an architectural aesthetic for the new, 400-acre sports campus at Westfield. The new facilities were expected to reinforce the aesthetic qualities of the City and serve multiple user groups including: public, maintenance staff, campus administration, coaches, referees and medical personnel. The concession buildings were designed to have an upper level observation area for scouting and coaching. The first levels include full-service concession space, storage, and restrooms. The maintenance buildings include public safety offices, administrative functions, referee areas, restrooms, and a clinic. The two building types (nine total buildings) at Grand Park were designed to accommodate many different uses. This has been accomplished and the building has served well the over 500,000 visitors and users that attended events in the first year. The facilities were designed to be durable for heavy public use and yet architecturally complementary to the surroundings.


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July 16, 2019