Bel-Aire Community Center and Park, Indianapolis, Indiana


The Bel-Aire Community Center and Park are the latest solution by the City of Indianapolis to encourage economic revitalization of the blighted near southwest area of the city. The site chosen was an abandoned Hardee’s building which since its closure had become the of vandalism and other illegal activities. RQAW was challenged with the task of not only creating a welcoming community center and park but also of utilizing as much of the existing structure as possible to help reduce costs. The resulting design saw a complete tear down of the existing roof structure, mold mitigation and refurbishment of the facility into a new Community Center with an adjacent playground/water park. The extensive use of glass storefronts, open ceiling concepts and low maintenance finishes created a welcoming space was the embraced by the community as a spearhead to their efforts of rebuilding their community into a rich and vibrant showpiece of urban revitilazation.


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April 4, 2019