The Project Manager is a licensed engineer and is responsible for the successful completion of assigned projects. The Project Manager works with Department Director to provide team with resources, technical guidance, administrative and technical services and facilities necessary for efficient, profitable, timely and technically excellent project execution. They will also be the lead administrator and communications link between the firm and the Client. Actively manages day-to-day business including planning, staffing, and execution of all projects assigned to the department.

Professional Qualifications
Expected that each Project Manager will have a minimum Bachelor Degree in Engineering and a minimum 5-10 years of project experience in a design firm. Professional registration is required and a moderate to high level of participation in a professional association is desirable. Experience working with INDOT and Indiana County projects is preferred.

General Administration

  • Assist and support the Department Director in forecasting and planning.
  • Review and approve assigned project hours for accuracy and time effectiveness.
  • Plan and effectively utilize general time to advance the quality and efficiency of the department.
  • Clear concise communication with Staff, other Project Managers and Department Director.
  • Drive project tasks and track critical path items
    • Schedule
    • Environmental Document
    • Land Acquisition
    • Construction Budget
    • Project Fee Budget
    • Deliverables
  • Track INDOT evaluation scores and look for ways to increase them for project delivery.
    • Set aggressive schedules
    • Look for Value Added and communicate it with client project manager
    • Clearly discuss decisions and cost savings

Planning and Financial

  • Implement Project Management Plan of the company
  • Strive to achieve the department’s financial goals.
  • Monitor engineering contracts, subcontracts, change orders and other agreements to ensure that established internal procedures are followed.


  • The PM is directly responsible for the profitability of projects.
    • Closely monitor projects by the use of task lists and project progress reports.
  • Assist others in implementation of the marketing plan and goals established for the office.
    • Making client contacts
      • Primary responsibility is to maintain current clients.
      • This includes an awareness of all projects clients might be undertaking.
    • Proposal Preparation
    • Proposal interviews and presentations
    • Client maintenance and follow-up after project completion
  • Training technical staff
    • Provide day-to-day guidance to technical staff in the performance of their duties
    • Provide for the utilization of the skills of the staff to maximize the potential of the
      employee and company.
  • Quality
    • Oversee and enforce rigorous conformance to the firm’s Quality Management Plan.
    • Champion quality by demonstrating high standards and help develop procedures that result in exemplary products and services.
    • Accept responsibility for consistency and conformance to the firm’s design, documentation, and service standards.