86th Street Bridge over Big Eagle Creek

Location: Indianapolis, Indiana
Responsibilities: Bridge & Road Design
Construction Cost: $900,000

This project involved the rehabilitation of an existing five (5) span, earth filled arch bridge with a 30’-0” clear roadway.  This structure was built in 1947 and showed signs of significant deterioration of the concrete arch and spandrel walls as well as deterioration to the roadway. The route carried had been identified as an urban minor arterial route carrying 18,000 vehicles per day. Based on this data, the existing bridge width and bridge railing was substandard.

RQAW was selected by INDOT to develop rehabilitation plans which would provide for a new clear roadway of 36’-0”, new decorative bridge rail, and repairs to the existing arches.  To minimize cost and impact to the stream, it was recommended that the existing arches be repaired but not be widened.

The final plans developed provided for new decorative concrete “Texas” rail supported on a new reinforced concrete structural slab that cantilevered out beyond the existing spandrel walls to provide the required clear roadway.  The proposed details allowed the existing earth fill to remain reducing construction time, cost, and eliminating the risk of un-balanced earth loadings on the arches which can occur during fill removal.