Fort Leonard Wood AIT Barracks Dining Facility

swQT5TRzRgBmR3-HalwIYP73ioxfchT3RSKWekGAOH0Location: Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri
Responsibilities: Architectural Planning & Design, Interior Design & FFE Design, Structural Engineering, Construction Administration
Construction Cost: $14,000,000

The new 26,792 square foot Dining Hall Facility was symmetrically designed with two entrances at the mid-point of the facility (one on either side) leading to a common Serving Area placed immediately adjacent to the Kitchen. The Serving Area has multiple serving lines for maximum efficiency. The Dining Room and the Kitchen are on opposite sides of the building, separated by the Serving Area, which allows the back-of-house operation of the Kitchen (delivery, trash removal, etc.) to be completely separated from the Dining Area. This concept provides an optimum flow pattern for the DFAC and creates a well-defined segregation of operational spaces.

The facility is operated by a staff of 107, and staff restrooms, lockers, and showers are provided with access via a separate side entry. A Director’s office is centrally located with borrowed lites that have visual connection to the delivery door and the staff entry, as well as the main Kitchen floor.

The mechanical system utilizes a ’split system’ that allows for the building to be dialed down during slow periods and function at half capacity, saving on energy consumption, maintenance and operational costs.