Toyota Manufacturing of Indiana

Location: Gibson County, IN

Responsibilities: Architectural and Engineering Design and Construction Administration

RQAW developed a comprehensive site development preparation design package for the original project, including earthwork and grading plan; subgrade preparation design for the building and plant site; storm drainage for approximately 250 acres of the 1,050-acre site; interior construction road network; trailer city and batch plant areas; 10,000 linear feet of storm sewer trunk lines including inlets; underground utilities including electric, telephone, water supply lines and fire protection lines; temporary sanitary facilities; erosion control plan including retention ponds and sedimentary basins; coordination with local utilities and county government; permitting including local drainage, soil and erosion control planning; and geotechnical investigation and material testing for the site preparation package. RQAW also performed construction observation for the Phase I site preparation. With Phase I successfully completed, Toyota again turned to RQAW for the site’s Phase II.  As a part of this ongoing project, RQAW has provided aerial survey coordination, erosion control planning, permitting services, drainage system design updates and review. RQAW is also designing a 1.0 MGD well field and water treatment plant for process water.