When old buildings hold historic significance to a community, the prospect of renovation and replacement require an architectural firm that is respectful and knowledgeable of the history of building design and materials. RQAW’s historic preservation professionals recognize the value of revitalizing communities with historic architecture, and the firm has the external and internal resources to preserve the integrity and beauty of historic buildings while making them fully functional and efficient for future needs. Our staff’s expertise covers historic preservation projects not only in the United States but also in countries such as Romania, Holland, France and Italy.

RQAW’s historic preservation professionals understand that historic preservation is both art and science. They are experts in such skills as the use or replication of historic building materials; renovation and repair of obsolete materials; replacing building systems; addressing issues such as accessibility, safety, stabilization and sustainability; and, most importantly, maintaining historical integrity. RQAW professionals have been known to scour distant quarries to match historic slate and to conduct national searches for the best expert in a particular historic craft or mechanism. When RQAW takes on a historic preservation project, it commits not just to a job but to the heart and heritage of an entire community. 


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