Architectural History

RQAW offers a full range of architectural history professional services. Our staff meets the Secretary of the Interior’s Professional Standards and includes a Qualified Professional in architectural history with the Indiana DNR Division of Historic Preservation and Archaeology. We are experienced in Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act and Section 4(f) of the Department of Transportation Act. Our expertise in the evaluation and documentation standards of the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) is the foundation upon which we can provide the professional services needed to address the protection and preservation of historic resources for your specific project.

We prepare reports and take projects, with a federal nexus, through the Section 106 process by identifying the area of potential effects, evaluating potential impacts, and assisting with mitigation measures if necessary. Our architectural history staff is integral to our Environmental Department and ensures that cultural/ historic resources are accounted for during the environmental compliance and the NEPA process. Our architectural history staff are also available as a subconsultant in this specialized field and have the experience to be an effective member of project teams on a variety of projects.

Our Architectural History Services Include:

  • Section 106 for Architectural History
    • Architectural History Surveys
    • Historic Research/Literature Review
    • Historic Context Statements
    • Determinations of Eligibility
    • Historic Property Reports
    • Memoranda of Agreement
  • Section 4(f) Evaluations
  • State Level Documentation
  • National Register Nominations
  • Historic Bridge and Building Photo Documentation
  • Cemetery Development Plans
  • HABS, HAER, HALS Documentation
  • Cultural Landscape Reports