Lawrenceburg High School Gymnasium

Location: Lawrenceburg, Indiana
Responsibilities: Architecture, Structural, Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing Design
Construction Cost: $11.5 Million

RQAW is currently in the design phase of this $11.5 million, 57,000 square foot project and are solving all of the structural issues by utilizing a deep foundation system and auger cast concrete piles. The team is configuring the most advantageous campus layout and parking access plan. The layout of the building is organized so that the main entry level will be at grade at the west entry (nearest the Stadium). The second floor includes a running track (utilized when the telescoping bleachers are retracted). The second floor also includes additional public restrooms and a Weight Training Room. A stair tower is located at each corner of the new building and an elevator located at the SW corner (nearest the Stadium) links all floors.