Krannert Library, Purdue University

Location: Lafayette, Indiana
Responsibilities: Architectural Design
Construction Cost: $1.1 Million

The Krannert Hall Management and Economics Library Remodel is a renovation of approximately 10,000 square feet of space within the existing structure. Purdue University Libraries wanted an interactive learning space with a myriad of learning environments and maximum flexibility in configuration. Our design approach was to install a low-profile (2.5” tall) raised floor system where technology and power could be run under the floor to any point within the space, and could be easily repositioned in the future depending on need.

The renovated space includes a branded self-serve coffee kiosk and vending, a 20-seat conference room, fixed computer stations, group learning areas ranging from 2 to 6 people, stacks for print collections, an office suite, and an information services area.

The materials used with the space are very sophisticated and were chosen based on low-maintenance and green qualities. The lighting was carefully designed so as to have proper ambient lighting as well as punches of accent lighting and task lighting.