Allegan County Sheriff’s Office & Corrections Center

Location: Allegan, Michigan

Responsibilities: Planning, Programming, Architectural and Structural Design

Construction Cost: $15,774,000

RQAW employed the “Charette” planning process to bring all of the divergent policy makers, users, county law enforcement agencies, neighbors and stake-holders together in an intensive four day process to determine the correct scope, cost and operations solution for the county.

The resulting design concept has remained unchanged since the original concept developed during the Charette. The design employs staff efficient housing units. RQAW took advantage of the strength of the existing floor slabs, the clear height of the existing structure and the large structural bay spacing to design housing units made of pre-manufactured steel jail cells. The efficiencies of this solution have saved the county over $90 per square foot in construction costs when compared to new construction. This equates to over $13,000,000 in savings to the county on a $1,175,000 investment. Over 60,000 square feet of vacant space exists under roof for future expansion of this facility.